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My name is Mr. Bertolozzi. I am a history & special education instructor and I have worked at Piscataway Tech since January 2018. I currently teach all three of the high school history courses, which are World History, United States History I, and United States History II. Besides teaching the required New Jersey state standards in these classes, I also make it a point to teach the students skills that will help them exceed in real world scenarios, like their jobs and careers. Organization, meeting deadlines, and formal communication and discussing are stressed as important skills on a daily basis in each and every one of my classes. In my spare time, some of my hobbies include exercising, cooking, attending sporting events, and visiting friends & family in New York state, where I was born and raised.


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The 2019-2020 school year is back in full swing. I'm excited to be back, and I hope students and parents are looking forward to a great year! Please check in periodically to my website's blog section, for the latest news and exciting activities happening in the classroom and on campus.